Chapter 15: Stuck in a Bizarre Love Triangle

Alien (104)

I was scared before. But now that Aksel and I were together, I was terrified. If Arvid were to find out, then he would kill Aksel, I was sure of it. And if Aksel were to find out that I had been sleeping with with Arvid all this time, then I would lose him.

So I kept my mouth shut. And everyone was happy. Well…as happy as you could be while living as a slave under the tyrannical thumb of an extraterrestrial being.

“It could be worse, I guess,” I told Aksel. “At least we have good food, and a comfy house. Maybe we could ask Arvid for a few things to fix it up.”

Arvid’s mouth dropped open. “Have you lost your mind? We’re prisoners, remember? We need to figure out how to escape, not how to remodel our cell.”

Alien (68)

“But where would we escape to?” I asked, frowning. “We don’t know anything about this planet.”

“Then it’s time to find out,” said Aksel. “I don’t want to stay here. I want to go home, so that we can have a life, and raise a family. Don’t you want that?”

I placed my hand on his. “Yes, I do.” And I did, more than anything.

So the next day, we began to explore our surroundings. We pretended that we were going fishing. Then we deserted our poles at the lake and began to hike across the alien landscape. With every step, my heart pounded harder. I was certain that Arvid would show up at any second, ready to drag us back. We’d be forced to wear rags again, and to beg for scraps of food.
Alien (6)

After we’d been walking for an hour, Aksel pointed. “Look!” We’d reached the edge of an enormous cliff. Far below us, there was a city. It was filled with strange-looking buildings and pools of glowing blue water, but still, it was definitely a city. And a city meant hope.

“Maybe not all the aliens here are evil,” said Aksel. “Maybe some are good, and will help us to get back to earth.”

Alien (13)Alien (12)

I don’t know why, but his words bothered me. Arvid wasn’t evil. Not exactly. Well I mean, yeah, he kidnapped us. And yeah, he was only being nice to us because I was pretending to be his girlfriend. But still, I thought evil was an unfair word. Maybe there was something about being in his alien form that affected his personality. Maybe, if we could convince him to go back to earth with us, then he would go back to being the good Arvid. The one that I had loved.

Alien (27)Alien (20)

“Do you think it’s safe to go down to the city?” I asked.

Aksel shrugged. “None of this is safe. But we have to try.”

We waited until the sun was setting. Then we made our way down a path in the mountainside. For the time being, we agreed that it would be best to avoid all extraterrestrial beings. So we sneaked up and down the streets, memorizing routes, and searching for signs of any spacecraft we might steal in order to return home.

Alien (48)

After two months of exploring, we had found some odd rocks, which looked exactly like the ones that had burned down my treehouse in China. We also found some small alien creatures, including a very friendly turtle-like creature, who I named Lucille and hid in a box under the house. But we still hadn’t seen any signs of a spacecraft.

Alien (89)

Alien (54)Alien (57)

We were discouraged. Still, we were not ready to give up trying to escape. That is, until the unthinkable happened.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 15: Stuck in a Bizarre Love Triangle

  1. Lila Remonn says:

    Cliffhanger!!! Noooo what is it what is it? Great chapter 🙂

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