The Lion and the Ghost


Follow the drumbeats to the heart of Ethiopia, where the blue expanse of sky stretches on for eternity, and zebras and elephants roam free across the golden savanna.



Here lies the tiny village of Zewedu, which was once home to two unusual children. Aurelio and Tadelech were the best of friends until rebel soldiers appeared and ripped apart their quiet village. Torn away from the only lives they had ever known, the two children reach out to each other across the unknown distance…


Chapter 1: Sea of Gold

Chapter 2: The Fortunate One

Chapter 3: Diamonds in the Sky

Chapter 4: The Night of Fire

Chapter 5: Coming to America

Chapter 6: Peaches and Wine

Chapter 7: The Mexican from Africa

Chapter 8: The Grooviest Man in the World

Chapter 9: Something is Missing

Chapter 10: The Flight From Rainbow Acres

Chapter 11:To Live Deliberately

Chapter 12: Mail-Order Bride

Chapter 13: Living in a Small Town World

Chapter 14: 632 Silvermoon Lane

Chapter 15: Ghostly Emergencies

Chapter 16:The Girl and the Gift

Chapter 17: All That Glitters…

Chapter 18: A Haunting in Asteria

Chapter 19: Cold Spell

Chapter 20: Curse of the Moon

Chapter 21: His Heart’s Desire (Part 1)

Chapter 21.5: His Heart’s Desire, Pt. 2

Chapter 22: Pirate Bay

Chapter 23: The Desert Rose

Chapter 24: Miss Baker Feeds the Hungry

Chapter 25:Vroom!

Chapter 26: Guess Who Came to the Wedding

Chapter 27: Purple Rain

Chapter 28: Mysterious Ways

Chapter 29: Dream Chasing

Chapter 30:The Fairy Nephew

Chapter 31: Stomping Grounds

Chapter 32: Journey to Senalat

Chapter 33: Disneyland Daddy

Chapter 34:The Anonymous Donor

Chapter 35: My Own Two Hands

Chapter 36: The Savanna Calls

The Lion and the Ghost Music Video












2 thoughts on “The Lion and the Ghost

  1. Lila Remonn says:

    Wow! This sounds like an awesome story. I can’t wait to follow Aurelio and Tadelech’s story as it progresses. Off to read the first two chapters!

  2. So excited to start reading the first two chapters!!! Eek!

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