Chapter 8: The Grooviest Man in the World

Dear Leon,

TadiFarm (56)

I have a new favorite word in English – groovy. The Teacher says it all the time to describe something that is excellent or beautiful. That song is groovy. That sunset is groovy.

Well, we all think that the Teacher must be the grooviest man in the whole world. He is very smart, and so handsome. “Like a movie star,” says Leslie, who is the only one of the girls who remembers watching things like movies and television. (I asked Spring if we could watch a television one day, since I’ve never seen one. But she says that electronic devices like televisions are full of dark, negative energy that will corrupt our spirits.)

TadiFarm (17)

The Teacher is an expert at everything. He can ride horses faster than the wind. He can fix anything that breaks. He can sing and play guitar, too. In fact, he is teaching me how to play, and says that I am the most advanced student he’s ever had! I am writing a song for you. It is not yet finished, but it is about our days of playing in the savanna. If only I knew some way to capture the song and send it to you!

I spend all of my time with my sisters at Rainbow Acres. We work the farm, of course, and help with the household chores. By the end of the day, we are always exhausted. But once in a while, we do fun things together. Remember how you and I used to sneak out for late night adventures under the stars? Well, some nights, my sisters and I sneak out to the orchard. The other girls like to gather around while I tell them stories about Ethiopia. Sometimes, I even tell them scary stories, like the kind the village storyteller used to frighten us with. My sisters love to listen to these – except for Megan. She’s a big chicken. Once, when I told the story about the Boneless Man, she actually screamed in fright. Then, a light turned on inside the house, and we all had to scramble to sneak back in before we were caught!

Now I know that one mustn’t play favorites, but I must confess that Belinda is my favorite sister. She is honest and brave, and she makes me laugh so much! She was rescued by the Teacher himself when she was just four years old and lived in a car with her family. Her parents used to leave Belinda alone during the day while they tried to find work. One day, the Teacher found her playing in the alley where her family’s car was parked. He led her away and brought her to Rainbow Acres, where she would never be left alone again. Isn’t that so groovy?

Tadi (8)

There is one thing that is confusing about the Teacher. Back in Zewedu, a man could only be married to one woman. Only one. But I cannot tell whether River or Spring is the Teacher’s wife. He treats them both the same, and they both fawn over him the way a wife would her husband. I imagine this must be another strange American custom, and I cannot decide whether or not I like it. But I do know this – if the Teacher says that it is right and good for him to have more than one wife, then it must be so. For the Teacher knows everything.

TadiFarm (59)

TadiFarm (69)

I hope that you smile when you read this letter, and that you have a groovy day!





2 thoughts on “Chapter 8: The Grooviest Man in the World

  1. Haha! I like how Tadi added ‘groovy’ to a lot of her sentences! It’s cute. She also seems to be having a much better experience in America than in Ethiopia. I really hope Tadi and Leon meet soon 🙂

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