Peace & War

The Story of Ari Paz

Ari and Marisol  (10)

Chapter 1: Meet Ari Paz

Chapter 2: Meet Marisol Milito

Chapter 3: Runaway Ari

Chapter 4: Ari Sneaks Out and Makes a Friend

Chapter 5: (Un)Happy Halloween for Ari Paz

Chapter 6: Ari Falls in Love

Chapter 7: The Breakup and the Graduation Gift

Chapter 8: Love Sucks

Chapter 9: Hard Rock Days With Ophelia Gray

Chapter 10: Learning to Fly

Chapter 11: The Return Home

Chapter 12: Marisol’s Story

Chapter 13: Chance Encounters

Chapter 14: The Art of Living Together

Chapter 15: Graduation and Confessions

Chapter 16: The Deep, Dark Secret to Ari’s Success

Chapter 17: Settling Down

Chapter 18: Full Days and Empty Arms

Chapter 19: Jump in and Play

Chapter 20: The Phone Call

Chapter 21: The Tempest

Chapter 22: Two Become Three

Chapter 23: John Tyler’s Story

Chapter 24: What I Did Last Summer (by John Tyler)

Chapter 25: A Good Move

Chapter 26: Training the Golden Nuggets

Chapter 27: The Little Rose

Chapter 28: John Tyler’s Little Shadow

Chapter 29: Teenage Love Story

Chapter 30: The Dad


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