Story of the Bastida-Ray Family

The Love Story of Adriano Bastida and Lily Ray
Screenshot-3217 (2)

Chapter 1: Meet Adriano Bastida
Chapter 2: Meet Lily Ray
Chapter 3: Adriano and Lily
Chapter 4: The Unexpected Proposal
Chapter 5: Life Together in the Country
Chapter 6: The Busy Busy Busy Life
Chapter 7: Romance After Kids
Chapter 8: Adriano and the Visitor
Chapter 9: The Bastida-Ray Kids
Chapter 10: The Mysterious Stranger and the Gift
Chapter 11: Vive la France!
Chapter 12: France, Part 2
Chapter 13: How to Cure the Blues
Chapter 14: Adriano and the Rich Life
Chapter 15: Up in Smoke
Chapter 16: The House on Elysium Island
Chapter 17: Sun, Sand, Surf, and Zeru
Chapter 18: Parties and Police
Chapter 19: People of the Sea, People of the Sky
Chapter 20: Sofia the Invisible Finds Her Groove
Chapter 21: Michael & Emmy (and Sofia)
Chapter 22: Graduation Day

Chapter 23: The Death of Lily Bastida-Ray
Chapter 24: Endings and Beginnings


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