Molecular Leap


Nothing exciting ever happens at Sleepy Meadows Retirement Home, where three friends caught up in a not-so-bizarre love triangle are living out the remainder of their days.

That is, until one day, Richard Kingsley’s son stops by to visit, and leaves behind a strange gift — a movie prop that appears to be nothing more than an old-fashioned telephone booth.


Forgetting about the old adage “Look before you leap,” the three friends step inside the old phone booth. They soon discover that appearances can be deceiving, and that it’s never too late in life for a little adventure.



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Chapter 1 – Retirement Reality Bites

Chapter 2 – You Can Call Me Al

Chapter 3 – The Magic 8 Ball’s Prediction

Chapter 4 – What I Wouldn’t Do For some Red Ruby Slippers

Chapter 5: The Nag and the Mare

Chapter 6: Roadkill Stew in the Brothel

Chapter 7: Little Schoolhouse on the Prairie (or Wherever We Are)

Chapter 8: Saloon in the Wild Wild West

Chapter 9: The Falconer